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OrthoToolKit is the project of two medical students who recognize the important role that evidence-based medicine plays in improving patient care. We believe that using the most accurate and relevant information improves patient assessments and leads to more informed decision making.

During our medical training, we discovered that many useful orthopaedic patient assessments and decision aids were either not available online or existed in a format that was challenging to use in a clinical setting.

Therefore, we built OrthoToolKit to fulfill the educational and clinical need for a single website devoted to orthopaedic scores and calculators in an easy-to-use format. OrthoToolKit is designed and maintained such that the scores are:

  • Presented in an interactive format that works well with both computers and mobile devices
  • Offered as a printable PDF
  • Accompanied by a description of the tool as well as citations of the original and supporting literature
  • Attributed to the appropriate authors and copyright holders
  • Always free and easily accessible

Please feel free to send us feedback and suggestions via our contact page.