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About the score:

Published in 1991 in the journal Physical Therapy, the original version of the foot function index included 23 questions, covering three sub-scales of foot function: Pain, Disability, and Activity Limitation. Scoring for the Foot Function is based on a visual analog scale with 10 intervals. Scores are calculated for each of the sub-scales, as well as a total score (average of all sub-scales). Scores may be represented both as a raw score and a percentage.

The version of the FFI we present here is 17 questions, rather than the original 23 questions. It has been modified according to the observations of Venditto et al., 2015, who noticed a very high proportion of patients (>90%) providing null or not applicable answers in response to the 6 removed questions.

Original and Validation Literature:

Budiman-Mak, Elly, Kendon J. Conrad, and Kathryn E. Roach. “The Foot Function Index: a measure of foot pain and disability.” Journal of clinical epidemiology 44.6 (1991): 561-570.

Additional Literature:

Venditto, Teresa, et al. “17-Italian Foot Function Index with numerical rating scale: Development, reliability, and validity of a modified version of the original Foot Function Index.” The Foot 25.1 (2015): 12-18.
Budiman-Mak, Elly, et al. “A review of the foot function index and the foot function index–revised.” Journal of foot and ankle research 6.1 (2013): 5.

About the score developer:

The Foot Function Index was Developed by Dr. Kathryn E. Roach, PhD, PT. Dr. Roach is a Tenured full professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in the Department, Vice Chair for Research, and Interim Vice Chair for PhD Studies.

Throughout Dr. Roach’s career, her work has centered around developing and validating outcomes measures relevant to the practice of physical therapy.

To view her publications, please visit PubMed.