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About the score:

The original Scoliosis Research Society Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire was published in 1999 in the journal Spine. This original survey consisted of 24 questions and aimed to measure a patient’s perception of their quality of life in relation to their scoliosis. However, issues were identified with this original questionnaire that included overlapping domains and limited response possibilities. Modifications to this original survey to address these issues resulted in the SRS-22 and the revised SRS-22 (SRS-22r). The SRS-22r is a revision of the SRS-22 that aims to improve the internal consistency of the Function domain.
The SRS-22r measures quality of life across 5 domains – Function (5 questions), Pain (5 questions) Self-Image (5 questions), Mental Health (5 questions), Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction (2 questions). The maximum score in each domain is 5 and minimum score is 1, with higher scores representing greater patient quality of life.

Original Literature:

Haher, Thomas R., et al. “Results of the Scoliosis Research Society instrument for evaluation of surgical outcome in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a multicenter study of 244 patients.” Spine 24.14 (1999): 1435.
Asher, Marc A., et al. “Refinement of the SRS-22 health-related quality of life questionnaire function domain.” Spine 31.5 (2006): 593-597.

Validation Literature:

Glattes, R. Christopher, et al. “The reliability and concurrent validity of the Scoliosis Research Society-22r patient questionnaire compared with the Child Health Questionnaire-CF87 patient questionnaire for adolescent spinal deformity.”Spine 32.16 (2007): 1778-1784.

Additional Literature:

Crawford III, Charles H., et al. “The minimum clinically important difference in SRS-22R total score, appearance, activity and pain domains after surgical treatment of adult spinal deformity.”Spine40.6 (2015): 377-381.

About the score developer:

Dr. Thomas Haher is an orthopedic surgeon who is recently retired from practice at Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists and The Center for Orthopedic & Spine Care at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, NY, USA.

To view his publications, please visit PubMed.